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1. Sri Rajesh Das M.A. Assistant Professor  
2. Smt. Dipshika Saha M.Sc. Lecturer (Approved P.T.T.)    
3. Smt. Poulami Chakraborty M.Sc. Lecturer (Approved P.T.T.)    
4. Smt. Sanchita Roy Chowdhurv M.Sc. Lecturer (Guest)    
Message of Head of The Department : Geography deals with the study of man and nature and their relationships .the dynamic nature of subject incorporates new ideas and thoughts with the change of time. The new ideas and thought and curiosity of students attract them to take this subject for their higher studies and carrier. But this is not only the sole reason; the degree of employment in and through this subject is seen in maximum number in comparison to other subjects in the discipline of Social Science. Even in Civil services examination at state or central level students of other discipline taking it as their main subject. The Department of Geography of Kishore Bharati Bhagini Nivedita College tries to make their students with the same ability to perform better in every sphere. Our concern is not only to do better in University Examinations, but we also want to become a better human being so that they can stand before any problem in their life. Teachers of the department who are brilliant in their own academic status guide and help the student every time. Our relation with student is not restricted to teaching and learning but we are friends when it is required. A happy and brilliant atmosphere can be seen in the department of Geography.


The Department of Geography is just twelve years old. So there is a lot to achieve for this department. But this does not mean that we are behind in providing facilities to our students. Students of this department get all the facilities required during their learning process. Except the well separated class rooms, we also provide the facility of modern methods like use of Projectors and slide in our theoretical classes.

A separate Geography Laboratory with sufficient numbers of instruments and accessories are available all time for the students.

A GIS Computer Laboratory with five numbers of PCs and similar number of Licenses are available for GIS classes. Students are allowed to do their practices whenever they required.

Annual Excursion:

Annual excursions are conducted by the department as per the provisions of syllabus of University of Calcutta. Separate tours are arranged for Hons. and General Courses. Generally Excursion of Hons. Course is conducted in different parts of India with a place of geographical importance and natural beauty. Thick Forests, Mountain Valleys and terrain, Hill station or seashore are selected for the purpose. Due to restriction of the syllabus excursion of General Courses are generally held at the places of geographical importance within the West Bengal.

Performance at University examinations :

The department performs better in university examinations at all stages. The students secure good marks in both theoretical and practical examinations. The students in recent and past secured the first class marks at various stages of examinations.

Seminar and Magazine:

The Department of Geography make every effort to organize seminar and published magazine at a regular interval, but it is always not possible due to busy schedule of classes and examinations. But, in spite of the teaching load we are successfully organized a seminar and published two wall magazine with the cooperation of college administration and students.

Record of placement and Jobs:

students who passed out from this department have got the placements in reputed jobs like Teaching, Administrative jobs in Government sectors, Cops, defense, Insurance sectors, surveying and tourism. Those who did not get any govt. job are engaged as executives in private sectors. These students always live in contact with the department. Students who did not get any placement are doing very hard and contact with the department teachers for guide. We feel proud of these students.



List of Articles Sri Rajesh Das (HOD)

1. Safe Drinking Water- A fundamental Right

2. Rural- Urban Employment and Gender- A scenario of India

3. Inter and Intra state Migration and Climatic Changes : A study in Indian Context

4. Livelihood, Economy , Tourism and Environmental Degradation- A case study of Manali, Himachal Pradesh

5. Climate ,Water Resources and Agriculture: the Indian Context

6. Problems of Migrant : A case study of Ward No. 13 of Bhadreswar Municipality